Sunday, 20 March 2011

To Nikko

I have clearly not had enough coffee yet. So, I bought this bread yesterday that contains no is that even possible? Anyway, I had it for brekkie, and it is the most dense, and dry and well, it just isn't worth the 20 less calories per slice then the regular stuff I'd buy...LET ME TELL YOU.
So yesterday Bex and I came across THIS bag. The alexander wang emile tote in black with the rose gold hardware. I would really just love to have this. I mean it's so reasonable. I feel as though I would carry it everyday. I've seen it online but you really just need to see it in person to like it as much as I did. Go to Holts to check er out.



  1. That's a nice one isnt it? How big is it? Maybe you should get it for your birthday. How much is it? Me tate and curt and shell could all go in lol.

  2. It's quite big, but the perfect big size. $997.78.
    My bday prezzie? well considering it isnt for another 6 mos that's much too reasonable.