Monday, 21 March 2011

To Nikko

Morning Nik,
God, I have the worst headache of life. I was feeling awful last night and went to bed at 10pm...hoping the stupid ache would go away. Of course I woke up and it felt exactly the same. Awful!! The girls were so great this morning though, as I get out of the shower there was breakfast and a coffee handed to me. So nice.
I have to get my taxes done. Think I'm gonna just get them done at HR block, apparently it's super fast and it doesn't cost much for someone like me who has nothing to bring in to know those who are below poverty level. Poor girl, we'll just take 5 bucks off, how does that sound?
What are you doing today? Do you work? How's your outfit...and makeup (well i mean makeup included when i say outfit. OBVI)


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