Wednesday, 23 March 2011

To Nikko

Morning Nik,
Woke up at a reasonable time. Thank god.
Drinking coffee WITH cream AND sugar (yeah i'm going soft...physically too). Deeeelish. Also, just wolfed down toast with jamzzz.
It is ridiculously nice out today...But i don't like the transition of cold to hot. Makes me ill. so sick.
Do you work today? I know I 35 minutes. gahhhhh. Looks as though I'm gonna go pretty hagz lookin...mmm I'd rather take relaxing time than get ready to the 9's this morning. see if I care.
Lets get real. Call me when you ARISEEEE.

ps. I totally slacked last night. Don't worry, i have a plethora of things to put up.


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