Friday, 25 March 2011

To Argie

So Argie,

This is the bed I have decided to get. I am going to get gauzy curtains to put around it and probably save up for my very own chandelier. I feel like with this bed (and new white chest of drawers) I am going to get, my stuff is starting to come together. AH. It is nice to have nice things isn't it?

It was sold out when I went to get it today. The guy in the warehouse was so RUDE. I was like "Hey, do you have the white white four-poster?" and he was like "WHAT is it's name?!" so he made me look it up in the catalog - it is the ONLY four-post they have. SO I find the name and tell him the size I want and he says "We have it in a double." ummmmm....I replied "Will it fit a queen? NO? THEN I DON'T WANT IT!"

Tina and I went all over today and I didnt end up getting anything satisfying except much too many meatballs in my tummy.  I will get the bed this week though I believe. I will post you some piccys :)


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