Monday, 21 March 2011

To Argie

Yo Argie,

What's good? Muahaha. I rolled into work today with a limp like an old school pimp. These shoes I am wearing need to beat it. Like I mean they look great but that def. cannot be said for how they smell. Too much? W.E. just putting it out there. It is hair cut day at work today - every guy here has a fresh line up. I love a solid neck shave. I don't know why boys don't keep that up during the duration of the time they have to wait before they get another trim. It only makes sense. Holla back.


1 comment:

  1. Honestly I probably wear the same pair of boots every day. They were a solid investment. But realistically I need another new pair. Lets get real. It always looks so fun to be able to shave that neck part on a boy. I just ate chocolate eggies. DELISH.