Saturday, 9 April 2011

To Nikko

Hi Hi Nik,

I am completely wiped right now. Much to much to MUCH to tired..ness. 

"HOW DARE YOU" ok so I havent been given the opportunity to be able to use that one yet. But I will. Just waiting for that very right moment. You know, the most opportune second.

The other night (thurs) when I had my tummy ache...I was in sheepy lying on the bed, and boy decides to leave to get me some pink liquid in a bottle. Because you know how much fun I am when I not feeling my very best. As he's leaving and as my stomach in such pains, what do I ask as he's about to step out the door?

"OH could you get me some licorice?"

You know just to pop into my belly after it gets coated in pink-ness. I didn't think he would have bothered and I had assumed he thought it were a bad idea for me to have sweets with such a tummy ache. BUT, once I had my little cup of pink, and felt well enough to leave the bedroom...what was waiting on the counter for me but a mini bag of red squiggles. YES.


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