Friday, 8 April 2011

To Nikko

Morning Miss Nik,

I am sorry I was not attentive to your phone call last night. I, again, was having some stomach issues and was dying. HAPPY DAY OFF BY THE WAY. Amazing. Is it this day that you go to get your AB license? I can't believe you are officially leaving BC. BYE. 

It is super pretty out today. Much too pretty. I am about to watch some pre recorded Regis and Kelly. But also during this time I am going to make some breakfast. Bond has requested eggies and hashbrowns. I'm chugging down some coffee at the moment. We are going to be crossing the waters by sea bus to peruse this place called Longsdale Quay. It's like granville island but smaller in scale. Should be nice. What are you doing today besides getting your photo all done for your new license? 

Call me when you arise.


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