Wednesday, 6 April 2011

To Argie

Hi Argie,

That is very unfortunate you did not pick up my call. Even if you dont talk listening to you breath is more than enough for me - a mere mortal. HAHA. Jk dont kill me fucking ninja bitch.

What did you do today? What are you doing? I threw a temper tantrum and got to go for breakfast this AM. I am quite happy I did. Boy and I went to Cora. Have you ever been? He got this like cinnamon bun thing cut in half and covered in jam and a pound of fruit and some bacon and an egg...maybe I can find a picture:

A large cinnamon-raisin brioche dipped in French toast batter with an egg and bacon on one side and a mountain of fresh fruit on the other.

It was good from the stolen bites I managed to get. His tummy is so itty. I GOT THIS:
                        Two poached eggs on an English muffin covered with Hollandaise sauce, served with roasted potatoes and fresh fruit.

SO darn good. I also chugged two coffees while Boy had a chocolate milk. After that I asked to go to Canadian tire to get some car fluids and uh like tires or something but he said we should go to Winners and you know I never say no to Winners.
We scoped some shit out there and I carried a giant plush cupcake around while I made him try on some jackets. We found this one:

It actually looks pretty hot on. Don't don't tell him that. He doesnt need to know. It was a solid brown bill and a Guess one - imagine that. Take bond to Winners. He needs to appreciate it like we do or it wont work.
Anyways, huge update done. Get better you ill' foo'.

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