Thursday, 7 April 2011

To Nikko

I'm dreadfully sorry about my falling asleeps. Apparently when I get home I am not able to actually fall asleep here. It's so strange.

Ill be having a sleepover at Bonds tomorrow. I'm thinking we may go on an excursion to find a burrito place. I watched this show tonight where this guy went on adventures in America to find places where there were eating challenges. For example...15 glasses of milkshakes in 30 mins. And I'm talkin those BIG glasses. Eating soup that is so hot (spicy hot) that out of 200,000 people only 200 have been able to do it. You know how much I like those shows, topped off with a refreshing sea side show about sword fish catching on the high seas for big doll-hairs.

Anyway Im running on reserved power on the little Macy. So that means I'm going to try and count sheepz.
Night night sleep tight dont let the bed bugs BITE.


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