Thursday, 7 April 2011

To Argie

You know what Argie - today is Thursday. That's a pretty good thing for both of us I would think. For you it is sleep over day with Bond. For is day before day off & day before I become a "hurtin' albertin". That is right. I am retiring my NATIVE status card a la British Columbia and getting (hopefully) a professionally airbrushed sultery new drviers licensce with an air machine blowing my hair about and my lips slitly glossy with touch of sheer colour.

Hopefully I don't get stuck with a needle going to the DMV and contract an STD. That would be the luck I have on 107 Ave. Noah said there is one in the MUCH nicer area of Oliver Square so perhaps this is a job for google maps.

Bond and I shot some punks before work today. I was doing alright - however, not initially. We both did 0 and 5 in Search. EMBARASSING.

I am going to try to make it through work. I have been asked what is wrong twice today - I dont know why! I look just fine if I do say so myself. That will teach me to wear my hair up two days in a row.

Damn Megan for working today.


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