Thursday, 28 April 2011

To Nikko

images via Oyster

Hi Nik, 
this editorial with Bambi in Oyster has been super popular this past day. 

Royal wedding starts in approx 2.5 hours. Don't know if I could survive staying up for that much longer. I just want to see her damn dress. 

I wish to see you on cod soon as well. I feel as though it will be tomorrow eve. I will be heading over to boy's. I haven't seen him in almost a WEEK. Common, have I been BUSY or something? Since when. 

Devil Wears Prada is playing in the background. I like to have it on as background noise along with 2 Weeks Notice. It relaxes me haha. I'm at the scene near the end where they are in Paris and Andrea throws her cell phone in the fountain. "A million girls would kill for this job" 

Did you get your contact solution? I feel it's one of those things that shouldn't have to cost money as it is a necessity to SEE.


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