Sunday, 24 April 2011

To Nikko

image #1 via 5inchandup


Sorry I missed your call. I was stuffing my face with the sickest wrap from Whole Foods. That's what you get for going to the "healthy overpriced groceria". You get REAL FOODS.  Real bad tasting foods. 


How has the rest of your day been? I've been so so so tired.
Bond is trashed and will be wanting to play cod with you once you arrive home. But by then I am sure he'll be passed out on the couch with sheeps. I am not there, I am at the place where I pay rent to live.

I work tomorrow. I actually HATE having one day off and not having two days off in a row. It really doesn't feel as though you even had a day off. WASTE really.
Are you doing Easter din din tomorrow? I wasn't able to partake in the egg hunt this morning as we slept in. There were 2 categories of 6 & under and 7 +. We figured we were able to participate in the 7+ as it didn't give an age limit. EGGZ for free. Perfect.