Thursday, 26 May 2011

To Nikko


Ok. Lets be honest. Why Is my hair not doing this this moment?
OH right. I air dried it AGAIN.
Good one.
MK always looks so much better then Ash.
Boy had to drop me off at work this morning. Before that we drove to staples to pick up ink for work, then to my house to pick up my car, then he followed me to the tire shop, left car there then to the cove we went.  This all happened before 11am. And before ALL of that we had time to watch Reg & Kell, eat brekkie, drink coffee and fit showers in. WHOAAAA!!!!
He's much too nice. much much much. Miss Shell is picking up my car from the shop, and picking me up in it when I finish worky. I like being driven around. I need a chauffer and town car...this moment.


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