Friday, 27 May 2011

To Nikko

Morning Nik, 
I hope your day goes well today. I will be posting like mad today I feel. 
I think I am going to go get a sandwhich for breakfast. But technically it would be lunch since it's almost 12pm? Anyway. I'm going on movie date night with boy. I think I might ask him to take me to Bridesmaids...The hangover 2 is coming out tonight, but it will be crazy busy, and I should go see that with Shell.

What time are your folks coming into town? Tell them I brought some of their cookies to work as a snack...God I need a coffee this minute. 

I need Rosie's cheekbones. Find a real good blush for me will ya? Something really sculpty. You know what I mean. 

Call me when you are done cleaning out Luda.


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