Wednesday, 4 May 2011

To Argie


Afternoon Argimus Prime,

I am at work just now. I feel I have sort of lucked out. I started at 2pm and have been eating soups doing nothing since I got here as my log in information is BUSTED. SWEEET. I am hoping to ride it out to 3.15pm then I can get a spot too legit to quit.

I went and got my hair done this morning. The girl said she has had that same thing happen to her before. I doubt it but she was nice so I will take it. My hair is a normal red colour.All is back to normal on the farm here.

I went to the shops today and bought some shirts. Nothing amazing. All pretty par for the course but cheapish so I did it up.

I didnt manage to make it till 315. Looks like I will be sitting here for the long haul.

Have you smelt Rhianna's perfume? It's pretty good. I am considering it seriously.

Anyways, hope filming in the cove while wearing your Edward Cullen shirt goes well.


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