Thursday, 14 April 2011

To Nikko

Good evening Nikko.

OK OK OK I am so so sorry about the not posting thing. But you have to understand that I have been MUCH too busy at work to be able to do as much posting as I would like. BUT of course this coming weekend while I am free I will post my little heart out. And as you know, boy is not going to be in town. Unfortunately I will not have a key to his little palace to be able to play cod with you. This will happen with some more time. 

Do you not LOVE this nail thing with her little pearl engagement ring? DIE. Also, would you not love to be showered with little Chanel boxes? I am excited about my interview this saturday. Keep you damn fingers crossed for me, knock on some wood, and throw some salt over your left shoulder. HOCUS POCUS.

I am waiting for my tea to cool, and bond is drinking some hot coco. I believe we are having some popped corns later, and possible playing a game or two with you if you were down. My phone is dying at a rapid pace. So i shall plug him in so that you my CALL ME. 

Yeah, you'd like that wouldn't you?


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