Thursday, 14 April 2011

To Argie

Well Argie,

At first I was like - "I ain't bloggin' that bitch if she aint bloggin me back" - then I realised we are never going to get rich that way. All spitey and shit. Mauahhaha.

How do you feel about this little picture layout. Thought I'd break up a bit of the symmetry. Make us a little more edgy. That and the pink one is much too small to make an EXTRA-LARGE img. So I kept him tiny -like your nose.

I am at work. There are much too many calls. Boy loved playing HARDCORE last night. I did not think he would so we will have to do that again - are you at Bond's again tonight? When he leaves you should make him give the keys so you can sprinkle his house with love ferns and toilet covers and play COD with me undisturbed. Pesky one isn't he? Lol I lurve bondy.

Ok well I am going to skulk the perv blogs a bit more for some nudez to post on here artistically.


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