Wednesday, 16 March 2011

To Argie

Morning Argimusprime. 

I am sitting at the kitchen table SANS coffee. Grah I am eating a bowl of apple cheerios and watching The View. :'( I've had a good morning - so far no tears in the shower. 

This is my face inspiration this morning. If I may say so - mine looks better. Suck it kim. 

I am getting ready to go get my nails done this morning before work. Very busy girl. I think I will get the normal white ones. Or some legit black. Can't have the yellow from last time - I felt like an every finger smoker. Yuck.
I am glad you have such days off. I work today alone and then...Yah I am not too excited to work thurs, fri BUT I do have the weekend off. 

I got my computer backed up - or I think? It took like 3 hours and seemed to have worked. 

I need to get an outfit for my computer stat. He needs some love.

Anyways, I need to go oil down my African frow. 


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