Thursday, 2 June 2011

To Nikko

Morning Nik.
I would like those Chanel coins. Just lots of Chanel coins. Dangling from all of my clothes.
I heard this terrible little rumor on the radio this morning about one of the Olsens dating JT?
Tell me this isn't true? I don't like the thought of it.
I feel I will be doing a little slumber party at Michael's this eve, then we'll be getting my special shoes tomorrow. Lets see though.
I'll be working all day in the pouring rain (obvi not outside in the rain). MUCH. TOO. FUN. 
I need to get the tires on my car re-torqued. I'm gonna be yelled at when I get there because I am 50km+ over the limit. Oh well.
I feel you have been re-posting some pics that I have already posted. Obvi it was probably 200 posts ago. But that's ok. I like them. Oh, I also would like that bear that's on that rocker.


1 comment:

  1. what ones? maybe the bear? we are at like 550 posts. i heard jt was quitting music and didnt want to do any anymore.