Friday, 13 May 2011

To Argie

Yo, Hey, Sup,

I just got to work. Sorry I didnt call you back - turns out we had company. I am here at work sitting in this dark corner. I think I need an eye appointment I cant see anything and cant afford the squint wrinkles. You are going to Bond's tonight then. That should be excellent.

 I just do not know what kyle is talking about when he says it is weird when we skype. Believe you me we have skyped before and he didnt think it was weird.

I washed Luda today - well, I rinsed him. He actually doesnt look much cleaner. I saw this stuff informercial yesterday. It is called minwax? Anyways they like rubbed it into an almost dirty car and it looked amazing so I am going to pick some up today after work. That way, tomorrow I can toss on my car rubbing denims and get it done.

We are, as you can tell, able to post again THANK YOU blogger. Gosh. So rude. So I will be on and about the thimbles all day today.

Holla at yo gurlllll.


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